July 3, 2016

I’m not even sure where to begin, it’s been so long since I’ve written. Crises have happened. Some costly, some not so costly, but in the end, they all cost me money.

One of my dogs has had 3 UTI’s so far this year. Total vet bill with medications was somewhere around $700

I saw our retirement property. A ravine was completely filled with household trash. Years of it. I knew none of this. It was a health hazard and a safety hazard. Cost $5000 to purchase a very used backhoe to clean out the trash

My son shoved his father. Literally, it was only a shove. A well deserved shove after all the decades of violence he has witnessed. The state is insisting on pressing charges. Cost for a lawyer was $1800. My son is a veteran without a record. His father, meanwhile, has a criminal record going back more than 30 years. Money well spent in my opinion.

Medical bills in the thousands. I had to have the left half of my thyroid removed. My husband had to have skin cancer removed.

Enough to make a sane person throw up their hands and give up, right? Right. I did. Up until now. At the beginning of the year, we were planning for my husband to retire in 4 years. COMPLETELY DEBT FREE. My husband is still planning on this. I am not. I have told him it’s now looking like 5 years. But he did buy the property without giving me all the information, like the trash situation. He said there was trash. He NEVER said the trash filled a ravine and was a health and safety hazard and would need to be removed by machinery. He saw it as a potential hunting property. He wasn’t even planning on cleaning it up until we moved down there. What? Who in their right mind would move to a place with trash on it and plan on cleaning it up while living there?

Anyways, this post is to let you know that I am not giving up without a fight. At the latest Yankee Candle semi-annual sale, I bought nothing! I have re-established a savings account that pays 13 mortgage payments a year, even though only 12 are direct deposited. I have quit buying some extras. Like meal worms for the chickens. $30 for a bag that my husband goes through in 1 week. They are supposed to be a treat, not breakfast for the chickens.

To keep myself accountable, I am now posting my grocery purchases and my meal plan for the week. I have quite a bit stocked up and am trying to use it up until the debt gets down to a manageable level.

Thank you readers, for listening to my ranting and ideas, and keeping my honest about what is going on in my life.